• Interior Design Studio in Los Angeles Robert Doerschuk, DOWNBEAT:
    “Cuevas possesses gifts as a player and composer,
    which he marshals to concoct and execute
    complex music that nonetheless demands
    almost nothing of the listener."
  • Michael Gallant, KEYBOARD:
    "Carlos perfectly meshes the orchestral textures
    with his unique trio sound,
    and I highly recommend you listen to the results.
    We said it before and we’ll say it again
    -Carlos is one to watch.”
  • Jeff Potter, MODERN DRUMMER:
    “A fine jazz pianist and composer,
    Cuevas expands on his classical influences here."
  • Rodrigo Sánchez, MÚSICO PRO:
    "Carlos nos envió un CD en que se muestra
    su crecimiento como artista y músico,
    desde la composición de los temas,
    arreglos y su técnica,
    hasta el sonido general del CD."
  • John Ephland, DOWNBEAT:
    “Cuevas’ music gives as much attention
    to texture and feel as it does melody:
    If you can follow the chord progression
    and where “one” is, you’ll get it.”
  • Michael Gallant, KEYBOARD:
    “Whether breaking bar lines
    or splicing together clever arrangements,
    Carlos’ Depiction has a distinct voice
    and noteworthy depth.”
  • Jeff Potter, MODERN DRUMMER:
    “Pianist Carlos Cuevas’ Depiction
    heralds a noteworthy up-and-comer.
    The compelling keyboardist
    is rooted in straight-ahead,
    but his eclectic writing
    navigates breathtaking left turns.”
  • Rodrigo O. Sánchez, MÚSICO PRO:
    “Junto a un trío muy compenetrado,
    Carlos Cuevas lanza al mercado Depiction.
    Este CD cuenta exclusivamente
    de composiciones originales de Cuevas,
    las cuales demuestran ser un buen vehículo
    para las exploraciones armónicas,
    rítmicas y melódicas de su trio.”

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November 12th, 2018:

The Afro-Bop Alliance Big Band @ The Slope Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)


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